Olivia Ashbaugh

Hand Finisher

Warren, PA

Olivia spends the school year in State College, Pennsylvania, attending the Pennsylvania State University. She expects to graduate in 2021 with a major in veterinary and biomedical science and a minor in international agriculture. Olivia plans to continue her education in graduate school to earn a doctorate in veterinary medicine and potentially join the Vet Corps in the US Army with a long term goal of working as a wilderness veterinarian. Since Olivia is home for the summer, enjoys spending time outside and does not mind physical labor, her father, who is a member of the local mountain biking club, the Northern Allegheny Mountain Bike Association (NAMBA), encouraged Olivia to apply for the summertime Jakes Rocks Hand Finisher position through Dirt Artisans. Olivia grew up going to Jakes Rocks to hike before the mountain bike trails were developed and more recently has learned to love biking on the trails.

Along with using tools to clear and smooth out new trails behind the machines, Olivia has experienced many new tools and tasks as a Hand Finisher such as using a backpack leaf blower, building wooden bridges, doing stone work for rock armoring and operating equipment like the CanyCom to haul decking, fuel and tools through the forest. More difficult tasks such as wood and rock work are rewarding to Olivia because the finished product requires more thought and effort in order to be functional and long lasting. Besides trailbuilding, Olivia enjoys hiking and biking with her family and dogs throughout Warren County along with both snow and water skiing. At Penn State, she is involved in the CrossFit Club and enjoys competing and traveling with the team to places like Delaware and Colorado. Olivia would love to someday visit every U.S. National Park.