Tim Bodnar

Machine Operator & Lead Mechanic

Oxford, OH

Along with extensive experience operating different types of equipment such as excavators, front end wheel loaders, skid loaders, PIT trucks (powered industrial trucks) and cement mixers, Tim also has the knowledge and expertise to maintain, repair and modify the equipment he operates. Tim enjoys welding different types of material which he originally learned when he was assigned to the Damage Control Division during his four years of active duty in the Navy where he became a certified military welder. He specializes in the TIG welding method, which is a more finite welding process that requires more care, coordination and patience resulting in a stronger, safer and higher quality product. After his service in the Navy, Tim became a certified welder through the American Welding Society (AWS) and he mastered skills in construction, concrete batch plant, electrical wiring, horticulture, business management and marketing in developing his own businesses and contracting with others in several states across the nation. Tim has been assisting with repairs and modifications for the Dirt Artisans’ equipment for the past two years and joined the crew full time in the spring of 2021.

The excitement of traveling and experiencing new places and cultures have been a part of Tim’s life since his time in the Navy when he traveled to Africa, France, Italy, Spain and his favorite country, Greece. Over the past two decades, he has lived and worked in several states including California, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio and Texas. To facilitate ease of traveling, Tim has recently acquired a home-on-wheels in an old ambulance vehicle which already had built-in storage space, shore power, an inverter, lighting, and a modified bed. He enjoys the outdoors, nature, mountains, hiking, road biking and the exhilaration of riding motorcycles! Colorado is one of his favorite places to sightsee and hike, especially in Aspen and Independence Pass with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains and alpine tundra.