Client: The Nature Conservancy

Scope: We built nine miles of hiking-only singletrack that is part of two national trails - the North Country Trail and the American Discovery Trail - as well as the Buckeye Trail that loops around Ohio. Located in the 20,000-acre Edge of Appalachia Nature Preserve in southern Ohio, we collaborated with the Nature Conservancy to create winding, narrow natural surface trails passing through biologically sensitive areas intended to preserve habitat for species such as rattlesnakes. The North Country Trail is one of just 11 National Scenic Trails within the U.S.


Client: Warren County Development Association

Scope: Mountain bikers flock to Jakes Rocks every weekend, filling up the 50-car parking lot at the trailhead of a soon-to-be 30-mile trail system that we have been building in the Allegheny National Forest. The construction of this all-new trail system was made possible thanks to a unique public-private partnership between the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry and the National Forest. At Jakes Rocks, we not only created fun, grin-inducing, natural surface singletrack winding through technically challenging terrain, but we also worked around house-sized rocks, a waterfall, a half dozen springs and two designated wetlands. Features like 1.5 miles of elevated bridges and 0.75 miles of rock armoring create a sustainable trail system that’s rideable year-round, even in wet conditions. The third phase of this project is scheduled for completion in 2019.


Client: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

Scope: We teamed up with the Wildlife for Everyone Habitat and the state of Pennsylvania to build just under two miles of multi-use singletrack around Colyer Lake near State College on a 77-acre parcel of land managed by the Fish and Boat Commission for public fishing and boating. Leftover money from a dam repair project was funneled into building a brand new natural surface trail around the lake that is now open to the public and enjoyed by hikers, trailrunners, mountain bikers and horseback riders.


Client: City of Covington

Scope: This was the project that started it all for Dirt Artisans. In the process of designing and building 10 miles of world-class trails for activities like hiking, running and off-road cycling, we transformed previously undeveloped, relatively unappealing land into a regional destination for outdoor enthusiasts. We also worked closely with city officials to build natural surface trails connecting adjacent neighborhoods to Devou Park amenities that were previously only accessible via paved roads with no shoulders or sidewalks. Since completion, the project has received numerous local and regional accolades.


Client: Cincinnati Nature Center

Scope: We built award-winning, hiking-only trails for the nationally recognized Cincinnati Nature Center. Working carefully in consideration of culturally and biologically sensitive areas, we not only improved and renovated existing natural surface trails, but we also installed new natural surface and surface hardened trails to create unique trail experiences that guests can enjoy for decades and generations to come. Specific tasks included re-routing unsustainably steep trails and those with dilapidated features like stairs.

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